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We facilitate the needs of the disabled to self train their own service dog, enabling them to become self reliant and self sufficient.

Scenting Collection Instructions

For Scenting for All courses, you must bring a couple of scent samples to each and every class.  Please refer to pictures and text to guide you through the collection and storage processes.

Using a cotton ball, gauze, or dental swab, you will want to collect your saliva.

Please make sure you have not eaten, or had a drink (water does not count) if possible for about 30 minutes before collecting your sample.  Collect as many samples as you can. Really get a lot of saliva onto your cotton ball.

If you are collecting diabetic scent, you must choose either high or low. You can not do both at the same time. Talk with your doctor to find out what range they want your sugars in. If my doctor wants my sugars no higher then 140, I will take samples at about 180. Make sure to mark, on your bag with the sample, the date and number of your sugar level.

You will place 3 to 4 of these samples into a ziplock  sandwich bag, making sure to get the air out of the bag.

Roll the bag up nice and slim.

You can fit many of your samples, together, in a mason jar and place them in the freezer for up to 4 months. When kept in the refrigerator they can last 3 to 7 days.

Place into the freezer

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