All 4 Paws Training, LLC

We facilitate the needs of the disabled to self train their own service dog, enabling them to become self reliant and self sufficient.

Next Level Group Enrollment


  • Tempe


  • Marci & Sam


  • Standard: $25.00

Class Schedule (1 sessions)

  • Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 5:00pm

Payment Options

Upon successful payment, you will be directed to the registration page where you will need to complete your basic information as well as your dogs health information.

Syllabus for Next Level Group

A Semi-Drop in Group: This is not a class, so there is no end date.  This is a group that will meet once a week and work together on competition obedience and/or a higher level of obedience.  This will vary, with each person, depending on their individual goals.

All dogs will rotate, so each dog gets training time.  This rotation will include the trainers' dogs.  We will all work together to accomplish whatever our goals are as individuals.

Dogs will not be allowed to visit each other at any point in time and will be expected to be placed on a dog cot, that will be provided for you to use, and tethered at all times unless being taken out to potty, or it is your turn for training.  This group is NOT for working on reactivity issues with your dog.

Group schedule will be posted each week and may not run on some weeks.  To keep updated each week we recommend you add yourself to the waiting list, along with your email address, so you are informed when the group will be running, as space will be very limited.  Running time may be 1 hour or 3 hours depending on how many people come.  If you can't stay the whole time that is okay.

This group will always be on Thursdays starting at 5:00 pm.  The fee is per meet and is nonrefundable whether you attend or not.  You will be able to register for one group meet at a time, so if you miss getting in on one meet, you can watch for the next one that opens.